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Course Name Course Type Starts Length
Scholarship Examination 2017 Scholarship Examination, 08-26-2017 26th and 27th August 2017
MAINS TEST SERIES TEST SERIES, 07-08-2017 Ends on: September
Sociology Test Series 2017 TEST SERIES, 07-08-2017 Ends on: September
Public Administration Test Series 2017 TEST SERIES, 07-08-2017 Ends on: September
Political Science Test Series 2017 TEST SERIES, 07-08-2017 Ends on: September
Public Administration Optional Batch optional, 07-06-2017 Ends on: July 31st
Political Science & IR optional, 07-05-2017 Ends on: July 31st
Sociology Optional Batch optional, 07-03-2017 Ends on: July 31st
Anthropology Optional Batch optional, 07-01-2017 Ends on: July 31st
MAINS 2017 BATCH Mains Only, 06-26-2017 Ends on: July 31st
Weekend Batch Prelims, 05-06-2017 10 – 12 Months
June 2017 Batch Prelims Only, 05-06-2017 6 – 7 Months
June 2017 Batch Prelims cum Mains, 05-06-2017 10 – 12 Months

About Fortune IAS ACADEMY


Fortune IAS Academy is an institution dedicated to serve the aspirants with some quality teaching and sound strategy which will go a long way in helping them crack the prestigious Civil Service Examination.Our speciality is a personalised mode of teaching wherein adequate care and attention is given to each and every aspirant . We take extra care when it comes to comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and the expertise and efficiency of our teaching staff is of the highest standard. Our Academy seeks to nurture and enhance the untapped potential in aspirants and will help bring out the best in them. I sincerely hope that our journey together will be productive and satisfying. All the best to my dear aspirants.

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Full Coverage of the Syllabus

We cover all topics as prescribed in the latest UPSC syllabus and prepare you to confidently face the prestigious Civil Services Examination.

Personalised Interactive Sessions

Our programme will go a long way in imparting a clear understanding of the core subjects which will eventually pave the way to a glorious career in Indian Administration Services.

Individual Care and Attention

We prepare Civil Service aspirants on how to take part in group discussions, debates, and there will regular tests to evaluate the student’s understanding and aptitude.


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In Line with UPSC: The Test Series will be conducted on actual UPSC Pattern: Replicate of UPSC Question Paper Booklet. Questions prepared by experts including previous year toppers and subject experts with guidance from Abraham Renn IRS.

Answer Evaluation: An exhaustive, 3-4 day’s process, where the Answer Booklets are corrected by experts through developmental discussion. In general, the evaluation will be completed in a week’s time after the test. Each paper will be divided in sections and corrected by all the below experts to avoid arbitrariness.

As this is the most important part of the Test Series, answer sheets will be evaluated by a team consisting of experts in a model UPSC correction camp.

Sylesh Fernandas – (Academic Director Fortune IAS Academy and Expert Faculty in Indian History, World History and Indian Polity)

Muni Darsan VG – (Expert Faculty of Public Administration and Ethics, UPSC Interview – 2013, 2015, 2016)

Nitin Menon – (Expert Faculty of Political Science & International Relations and associated with many Delhi Test Series)

Abhay Shankar – (AIR – 606, PMRDF Fellow, GS Topper)

Jishnu J Raju – (Expert Faculty of Geography, UPSC Interview – 2014, 2016)

Anton Babu – (Renowed Trainer ISDG, UPSC Interview – 2013, Expert in Developmental Issues)

Thomas John – (Expert Faculty Environment, Current Affairs and Indian Society)


General Classroom Discussion: Will be conducted in the week after the examination, providing a brief outlook of what was expected out of the overall paper, the trend followed in the questions and a glimpse of the key concepts of the questions.

Mano-A-Mano Feedback System: Each candidate will be intimated, along with his/her answer sheets about the various remarks and feedbacks with specific focus on areas where they have to improve. Individual feedback sessions will help in consistent improvement.

Expert Guidance: Having experts in each field of the Mains Examination, students who are advised to improve in a specific field would be directed to the respective expert of that field.



Fortune IAS Academy is one of the premier institutes in Trivandrum which imparts quality civil service coaching in an integrated approach covering all aspects of exam - Preliminary, Mains and Interview