The June 21st Batch has began on the mentioned date and the admissions will remain open till July 31st !!!Register now for the Limited seats before the Admission closes !


A detailed description of the batch is provided below:

Ever since the introduction of Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) in 2011, the conventional part of General Studies (GS Paper I in the Preliminary Examination) have become important. And the Cabinet Committee’s decision to make the CSAT paper qualifying in 2015 has even added much impetus on the GS-I paper.

Hence, we at Fortune have adapted to the evolving scenario and developed a comprehensive strategy to cope and harvest success at this stage of the examination. The Preliminary programme comprises of the following:

Indian Polity                       : 110 Hours

Indian History                    : 150 Hours

Geography                         : 110 Hours

Economics                           : 60 Hours

Environment & Ecology : 60 Hours

Science & Technology    : 60 Hours

Current Affairs                  : Weekly 3

This Comprehensive Programme covers all the subjects in its entirety, in an exhaustive manner. The remaining time of the programme will be utilized for the Bi-Weekly NCERT Tests which will ensure that the candidate is always in tune with his preparation.

All in all, the Fortune Prelims Only Programme will suit up the candidate in such a manner that whatever may be thrown to him/her at the Preliminary Examination, he/she will emerge successful.


The regular classes will be from Monday through Friday. Timings may vary according to the Batch strength and the common consensus of the students.