The June 21st Batch has began on the mentioned date and the admissions will remain open till July 31st !!!Register now for the Limited seats before the Admission closes !

A detailed description of the batch is provided below:

This is by far the most successful programme at Fortune.

The Prelims Only Batch prepares the Student solely for the Preliminary Examination.

The Mains Only Batch itself has some prerequisites for the candidates – only those who are otherwise well prepared would benefit entirely from the Mains Programme.

But, when it comes to the Prelims Cum Mains Programme, apart from those mentioned in the Prelims Only and Mains Only Programmes, we bring up candidates who are completely new to the entire process through:

  1. All-Round Discipline – Which is never imposed on any candidate. Instead, he is provided opportunities to interact with successful people in the field, get to know them, their way of living, how it helped them… and finally, we allow the candidate the time, space and help for himself/herself choose to follow their path or to create a new path of their own.
  2. Consistent Motivation – Generally found only online, but we have real-life people in the Fortune family who have fought against all unimaginable odds and have successfully become a part of the Indian Government System. A simple testimony from the person, of their time, will be etched into anybody’s heart for a lifetime and will become a primal source of consistent motivation.
  3. Persistent Dedication – A persons society/environment plays a significant role in molding the person. At Fortune, not second to a home for an aspirant, such an environment is well-maintained and promoted such that the primal instinct of a man to learn & to know is invoked – and through the yearning to know begins the process of learning.
  4. Avoiding Mistakes – This is the most important factor when it comes to the Civil Services. Any candidate not only dedicates his time and effort, but also a part of his life during the exhaustive preparation process. There may not be a ‘one size fits for all’ mode of preparation and study methods – it is indeed unique when it comes to each student. But, the ‘don’ts’ are indeed universal, upto a certain extent. Hence, the candidates are constantly reminded of the mistakes that one should not commit during the entire preparation process.
  5. Skill Development – The contemporary structure of the Mains Examination demands a lot from a candidate. He/She has to present his/her views on a very general topic in a crisp, effective and well-structured manner that too in the constraint of time and space (in the mains examination, the average time for writing an answer from the scratch is 9 minutes and the word-limit is within 200). This requires a very specific set of skills. At Fortune, along with studies, equal impetus is provided to the development of these specific set of skills.