The Mains 2017 Batch is handled by expert faculty, the best available in Kerala for equipping the students with the best writing skill development as a bonus alongwith the course. The Mains 2017 Batch started only on June 26th and admissions will be open till July 31st!

A detailed description of the batch is provided below:

The Fortune Mains Only Programme is meant for those candidates who have had their fair share of the tug of war with UPSC. The Mains Programme will be handled by the best faculty available in the State.

The Mains Programme does not, irrespective of the subject, start from the scratch. Instead, it focuses on building vertically on the foundation that the candidate already has acquired during his preparation. Given the vastness of the syllabus for the Mains examination, it is not humanely possible to cover all the subjects in its entirety from the scratch – hence, a general foundation of most of the subjects is a must prerequisite for the Mains Programme.

We at Fortune believe in Openness and we are obliged to make sure that every candidate benefits all the classes/courses in its entirety. Hence, we can openly state that only if a candidate has sufficient knowledge in most of the subjects, he/she will benefit the Mains Programme completely.

The Mains Programme will mainly focus on the following aspects:

  • Enlarge/Widen the focus of the candidates towards various issues, subjects, fields, etc.
  • Improve the potential representation and covering the multi-dimensional aspects of general issues, which are of primal importance during answer writing.
  • Module-Wise Programme for each General Studies Paper (GS Paper I, II, III, IV) so that a candidate, who is otherwise well-prepared for all other papers shall seek guidance and mentorship for only that paper in which he/she is under-prepared.
  • Topic-Wise Programmes wherein specific subjects which are of great importance in the Mains Examination are solely concentrated upon and guidance and classes are arranged from the best faculty. The various topics include World History, Internal Security, Disaster Management, Governance, etc.
  • Exhaustive Discussion Sessions which is of great significance in gaining insight into various issues from a fresh perspective.

The regular classes will be from Monday through Friday. Timings may vary according to the Batch strength and the common consensus of the students.