New Batch for UPSC Civil Services Examination 2018 commencing on June 5th, 2017

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  1. Regular Batch
    1. For full-time aspirants.
    2. Timings : 10:00AM – 01:00PM for the first 2/3 months. Then, the classes will be full-day classes with timings from 10:00AM to 04:00PM.
    3. Bi-weekly NCERT tests to ensure that the candidate is always on track
  2. Weekend Batch
    1. For working/currently undergoing graduation aspirants.
    2. Classes will be held on all Sundays, second and fourth Saturdays of every month and public holidays.
  3. Evening Batch
    1. For Graduates/Currently working personnel



Course Name Course Type Starts Length
June 2017 Batch Prelims Only June 5th, 2017 6 – 7 Months
June 2017 Batch Mains Only June 5th, 2017 4 – 5 Months
June 2017 Batch Prelims cum Mains June 5th, 2017 10 – 12 Months
Weekend Batch Prelims June-July, 2017 10 – 12 Months
Evening Batch Prelims June-July, 2017 10 – 12 Months
Optionals Public Administration

Political Science




June-July, 2017 Depends on the Subject.



  1. Public Administration
  2. Political Science & IR
  3. Anthropology
  4. Malayalam
  5. Geography
  6. Sociology



  • Structured & Systematic Mains module covering all papers
  • Module-Wise and Topic-Wise program for convenience
  • Daily Mains Answer Writing Practice Sessions
  • Bi-Weekly NCERT Tests for Prelims
  • Special Sessions for Economic Survey & Budget.
  • Special Sessions for Essay & Compulsory Papers for Mains
  • Prelims & Mains Test Series with detailed discussions



Examination in the preceding years, the probability of prediction has faced a drastic depreciation in its certainty. But, we at Fortune thrive hard to achieve the impossible !

In 2015, more than 45 Questions in the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination had been covered in the Test Series of 2015.

In 2016, the number has rose to 60+.

And 86 Students out of the 155 Students who appeared for the Prelims Test Series 2016 qualified for the UPSC CS Preliminary Examination in 2016 ! This conversion percentage of 55.5% is the best anybody would have ever seen around. And we are thriving hard to take it even higher.

The Fortune Prelims Test Series is accompanied by detailed discussions of each test, right after the test has been completed. Individual Feedback System enables a candidate to find his/her faults at the earliest and rectify it.

The PTS generally starts by December, has 25+ tests in total (including GS & CSAT) and ends a month before the actual Preliminary Examination



The Mains Examination is indeed the deciding factor for a candidate to make it to the Final Merit List.

UPSC expects a lot from the candidates during the Mains Stage. Candidates are required to have a ‘general idea’ about specific subjects and are also required to present their answer for a generalized question in a specified, but general manner in layman’s terms, within a specified word-limit.

A lot of parameters comes into play beginning from a candidates handwriting to his/her manner and style of presentation of the answer.

We at Fortune conduct MTS in a exhaustive and comprehensive manner which extends to 4 months so that a candidate is well-prepared to face the actual examination. The Candidates answers are reviewed and they are mentored personally by previous toppers of the Examination.



This is the final stage of the examination and being the final, it is indeed interpreted as the toughest. But for a candidate who is well prepared, knows when to speak what and how to present his views, it cannot be much harder than a walk in the park.

The IMP at Fortune is headed by eminent personalities, including the former Principal Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, and others who had been / are presently a part of the the steel frame, the bureaucracy.

The candidates are not just scrutinized for their answers, but everything starting from their body language to the manner and style of answer presentation is scrutinized, aiding the candidate in his overall personality development at par with his/her knowledge.

Model Interview Panel Members:

TKA Nair I.A.S

Alphons Kannanthanam I.A.S

HN Nair I.C.A.S

Vinson M Paul I.P.S

Sreejith S I.P.S

Ajeetha Begum I.P.S

Abraham Renn I.R.S

Harikrishnan D I.R.S

Justice Sreedevi


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