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Prelims Analysis – Updated Version

UPSC’s Uncertainty Principle- if you have written UPSC prelims 2018 you need to read this! The first rule in UPSC preparation is to expect the unexpected. The second rule in UPSC preparation is to expect the unexpected! However often one tends to read all the compilations from various coaching institutes and expect to crack the exam.

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Why Civil Service?

The Indian Civil Service Exam is perhaps one of a kind in the world because it offers a cheat code to life. It is an exam which opens up the highest seats of permanent power to one who manages to clear it. Thus, by merely cracking an exam, an aspirant irrespective of his background enters the corridors of power in India. While those in political sphere have to compete ever five years to maintain power, a Civil Servant enjoys the same till retirement, with a steady rise in position and reach.

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UPSC 2018 Mains Analysis By Stephan Tobias IPoS

The Art and Culture questions were relatively easier compared to the previous years. The question regarding Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, although specific in nature, could have been answered using common points of all Bhakti saints. Such an approach would definitely fetch the candidate average marks.

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