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Experienced Mentors

Experienced Mentors

Our mentors have always been kind enough to visit our academy and provide mentorship to our students

Former Advisor to the Prime Minister

Dr DP Agrawal
Former UPSC Chairman

Roy Paul. IAS
Former UPSC Member

Kiran Aggarwal. IAS
Former Planning Commission Member

K.P Fabian. IFS
Represented India at IAEA, FAO

Vijay Nambiar. IFS
Former Chief of Staff to UN Secretary General

Wajahat Habibullah. IAS
First Chief Information Commissioner

Vineeta Rai
Former Revenue Secretary, GoI

Christy Fernandez. IAS
Former Secretary to the President

Nalini Netto. IAS
Former Chief Secretary, Kerala

SK Tuteja. IAS
Former Secretary - Public Distribution System, GoI

Sanjay Kumar Srivastava. IAS
Former Coal Secretary, GoI

Jayanto Choudhury. IPS
Former NSG Chief

Former IMF Consultant

Sobha Koshy. IPoS
Former Chief Post Master General