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Course: Prelims Only

Course Overview

The Preliminary Examination or the first hurdle in the civil services preparation is increasingly becoming unpredictable owing to changing patterns of questions. The decision by the Cabinet Committee in 2015 to make the CSAT paper qualifying has added further weightage and importance to the General Studies or GS paper.

We at Fortune have adapted to the evolving scenario and developed a comprehensive strategy to reap success in this stage of the examination. The Preliminary programme comprises the following sessions:

  • Indian Polity
  • Indian History (Ancient, Medieval & Modern)
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Environment & Ecology
  • Science & Technology
  • Current Affairs
  • CSAT

This Comprehensive Programme covers all the subjects in its entirety. NCERT Tests will be conducted on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that the aspirant is always in tune with his preparation. An individual specific guidance programme for the aspirants, DISHA, is an additional feature of this course. ‘DISHA groups’ will be formed wherein each group of aspirants will be guided by a faculty on the correct strategies to be adopted for the exam.

The regular classes will be from Monday to Friday. Timings may vary according to the Batch strength and administrative convenience.


Prelims Only
23rd November 2017

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