19 May

What to do during the final week before UPSC Civil Services Prelims?

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June 3rd, 2018- The date most aspirants dread already is a week away and butterflies are in swarms inside your stomach. You may want to revise every subject on the planet, heart would be racing at 140 bpm.
If you are a person who missed out on last prelims the pressure intensifies.
What is the ideal preparation on the final week before the prelims exam?
DISCLAIMER: If you have not done proper preparation or is planning to give a casual attempt at civil services examination, STOP READING NOW and go back to the other pleasures of life.
For the rest of the people, lets take a look at the important To-Do’s a week before prelims

1. Do Maximum MCQs: Because Prelims is all about ABCDing Target around 100 questions per day minimum.
Identify how you attempt known and alien questions, accuracy of smart guesses. Feel free to experiment with number of attempts and find your own sweet spot.

2. Quick revision list – Ideally the revision list should be topics in which you are neither too strong nor too weak; the point being revising strong area is unnecessary while revising the unknown is no revision at all. Apart from that the following lists would come in handy
• International organizations and reports
• INC sessions(Freedom Struggle)
• Newspapers and publications (Freedom struggle),
• Govt schemes
• Diseases and vectors
• National parks
• Articles & provisions
• Timeline of Indian history (links to YouTube videos)

3. Revising what is already done

4.SNOOOZE!- A minimum of 7 hour sleep is said to boost memory retention and recall. Make sure you get your sleep cycle figured out.

5.Beat the stress – A healthy level of stress would increase your productivity by keeping you alert when it matters the most. However, it is natural for candidates to go over and freak out in those crucial hours. Find your inner peace – Be the Kung FU Panda. PS- Maybe Yoga and Exercise would help

6.Avoid daytime sleep especially during exam timings i.e. from 9-11 AM & 2-4PM. (If possible try out MCQs during the same time slots)

7. Breathe out!! You’d do well!!